We help clinics improve the Doctor Patient Relationship

By providing technology for your clients to access, contact and review medical documentation, Kleer Marketing improves your clinic efficiency and care quality.

    Tell us about your organization and requirements (1,2,3,4 all etc.)

    We make it easier for clients to get in touch, visit and provide feedback directly to your organization.

    Our major services include development of Websites, HIPAA Compliant Intake Forms, Payment Processing for Healthcare Clinics and Email Newsletters to stay in touch with clients and partners.

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    Yes you can wait to make changes, but how many times will you delay improving your practice?

    The most common dismissal of our services is due to potential clients stating they don't have the time to implement such complicated services. Although it may seem complex, our job is to take over the reigns and implement the solutions to help your practice grow. Don't waste another year using outdated practices and speak to us at Kleer to find which improvements will make your practice run smoother.

    We're passionate about your success.

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    How to get in contact?

    The easiest way to find our bespoke service for your organization is to get in contact through our contact form.


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    Already working with another organization?

    We provide comprehensive services and form partnerships with medical groups, device companies, healthcare foundations and non-profits. If you are involved in a technology partnership we specialize in HIPAA Compliant Intake Forms, Payment Processes along with Electronic Health Records Integrations which can be provided as individual services.