Kleer Marketing Enables Virtual Healthcare Delivery as a Priority

Kleer Marketing offers a comprehensive platform for scheduling, engagement, and electronic medical record (EMR) management, designed to assist healthcare technology organizations in strengthening their relationships with patients. Our software and API can be used by businesses of all sizes to provide virtual and in-person care. Kleer Marketing’s tools empower health tech companies to streamline their operations and deliver high-quality care to their clients.

Our Story Started in 2016.

Our History

Kleer started 6 years ago as a generalist marketing firm.  Fortunate to acquire new clients in energy, healthcare, sports entertainment and finance, our managing partners decided to specialize in healthcare as of 2020.

Kleer Marketing made the transition from a marketing agency to a technology-enabled healthcare services business to further technological interoperability for privately owned practice groups. 

  • We specifically chose our model due to the fundamental belief that publicly owned and government affiliates have access to larger funding for significant technological overhaul. However, the share of physicians in private practices have dropped to less than 50% for the first time since the AMA analysis of these practice arrangements began in 2012.

Our Trajectory Changed in 2020.

Core Values

According to Mckinsey Consulting (2019), when prompted by several statements about digital health ecosystems, a vast majority of survey respondents generally agreed that ecosystems will generate great economic impact (86 percent), are critical to offer to existing customers (82 percent), and need to be integrated with existing products (77 percent).

The most common core belief about digital health ecosystems is that patients are looking for integrated journeys rather than single solutions (90 percent) – Mckinsey Consulting 

  • We address industry inefficiencies by optimizing underutilized resources and eliminating friction throughout the consumer experience.


The survey data shows 49.1% of patient care physicians worked in physician-owned practices, down from 54% of physicians in the 2018 AMA survey.


Our mission is to improve the efficacy of healthcare practices through an overall reduction in treatment costs and an increase in the quality of care provided by clinicians and staff.

How to get started

We currently have 10 available seats for our Kleer Marketing K1 Solutions Package. This means the first 10 groups to complete payment will be able to start the integration process. We are not currently offering demo’s for our services. 

Step 1

Visit Chatbot or Demo Page.

Complete our short questionnaire and receive on-demand pricing based on your group size (1-2 min) .

Step 2

Complete Payment.

Choose annual (5% off your total investment) or monthly pricing from the email link sent to you, then complete payment using your desired form of payment (Credit/Debit/ACH Payments). 

Step 3

Start Your Integration.

We will send a secure survey to your email and request that you start filling out the requested information. It’s totally alright if you don’t know some of the answers or need time to find those old passwords.