We build products to help accelerate practice growth while continuing to manage your existing patient base.

Our Products

1. 1 Page Basic Site 

Hosting & up to 100 email addresses included. Click here to proceed.

2. K1 Solution
Pricing found in chatbot or pricing page

(Includes cloud-based electronic health records, custom website for your practice group, secure email services, high-level search engine optimization, social media marketing, email newsletter, web & e-mail hosting, text message automations along with client feedback loop monitoring)

We offer both products and services. Our products include your website and cloud-based electronic health records.  

Our services include the management of all our products along with social media marketing and e-mail marketing provided by our in-house partnerships.

Finally, all-inclusive services with pricing you can understand.

How we do it?

We use a secure & aesthetically pleasing site as the base layer of web infrastructure for your specified niche marketing efforts. Then we pair it with features like paperless intake forms, scheduling and payment processing all of which contribute to improved revenue for your practice group.

We bill monthly or annually depending on your preference and include integration costs as part of our subscription. If you’re already using electronic health records we utilize your existing systems to the furthest extent possible (Contact us for custom pricing).

Bespoke Website

We present your business information online through our HIPAA compliant Kleer Secure Site so your friends, family members and most importantly your patients can access relevant information. Hosting and domain costs are included in our K1 solution as long as the desired domain name is already owned by your practice group, if you wish to acquire a new domain name we can manage the process, however the domain cost will be dependent on market value of your desired domain name.

Secure Email Services

Our email services include secure end to end encryption along with a secure messaging center to send information between clinics in a safe and IP address monitored system.

HIPAA Compliant Website

We provide your site with the offical Kleer Security Seal which authorizes your site as HIPAA Compliant Site. Feel at ease knowing your information is protected. 

Text Message Communications

Text auto reminders prior to appointments, automatically respond to inquiries and message with clients through a secure platform.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

You can expect to see results post integration. There is a 90 day period required to complete full integration. 

We partner with Google Servers and host sites using databases connected to various locations across North America, Europe and Asia. 

We ensure a quality integration and in doing so believe accepting clients in a limited capacity will allow us to continue refining our product. 

We will email you a link to start the on-boarding process, please submit requested information so we can start implementing changes for your practice group.  

We are happy to have a discussion with your organization about the difference between your desired vs. actual outcomes.