Refund Policy Thank you for visiting our website at and inquiring further into our refund policy. REFUNDS It is the policy of Kleer Marketing LLC that payment is due at the initial time of sale for any subscription product unless other financial arrangements are made in advance. We require all clients to pay their monthly charges on a thirty day cycle from the initial date of purchase. Our services are priced in a competitive manner along with an easy to cancel subscription product. If a client chooses to cancel their subscription, the subject 30 day billing cycle must be paid; however the client will not be charged for the following 30 day billing cycle. Our business is specialized for private clinic groups and medical practice ownerships throughout the healthcare industry, therefore our subscription service does require acknowledgement that there is a 90 day integration time period. The full transition of client website infrastructure with the implementation of our package of plugins and api’s does impact the existing SEO strategy and does require initial investment which is supported through our subscription pricing. The goal of our product is a hands off solution with simple pricing which scales depending on the size of  organization being considered.  We know our product works because we have over 600 new patients that have completed our online intake patient health questionnaire and 20x Google Reviews for an existing client over a span of 24 months.  At this time we are not offering refunds, however if a client is not satisfied with our services we request that they contact us at and are happy to continue further discussion.    


If you have any further questions regarding your payment for services received, please contact us at