Our Services

  1. Fully Secure Website Design, Development and Execution

2.  HIPAA Compliant Intake Form Creation and Integration

3. Payment Processing and Scheduling Systems

4. Email Newsletter

Samples From Our Clients

1. Full scale Website Design & Execution (HIPAA Compliant)

$3,500 - $7,000 one time fee + Free Maintenance with Intake Form

Includes copywriting, custom images & photography for clinic site, graphic designs, intro video less than 2 min., Search Engine Optimization specialist to rank keywords for custom site along with Google keywords.

2. HIPAA Compliant Intake Form Creation and Integration 

$ 1,500 one time fee + $500 - $ 1,000 yearly for HIPAA Compliance Maintenance

Includes all intake form integration into website using secure software which allows for automatic pdf submission into administrative inbox. (Upto 10 forms, Contact Us for Questions)

3. Payment Processing / Scheduling Systems

$500- $1,000 one time fee + Maintenance Included with Intake Forms Purchase

Includes integration of payment processing using existing Electronic Health Records with integration or external HIPAA compliant processor along with scheduling software.

4. Sample Email Newsletter

$300 - $1,000 mo/ depending on scale and reach of your clinic

Monthly E-mail Newsletter (Frequency at client discretion) for clinic expansion, outreach and partnership allocation. Seperate email lists are available for clinic internal outreach vs clinic external outreach.