The Ultimate Tech Stack For A Direct to Consumer Digital Healthcare Startup

Discover the best healthcare APIs for direct to consumer digital healthcare startups. Launch and scale your company’s unique solution.

Riding on the tailwinds of fintech and consumer tech, APIs have found their foothold in digital health. By negating the need to “reinvent the wheel” when building out each core feature needed to power a direct to consumer healthcare startup, APIs are becoming the norm in health tech builds. In a build versus buy decision, startups are increasingly finding it easier to leverage industry-best software for all their business needs.

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Alongside K1 Solutions API for EHR and coaching, here are some of the best healthcare APIs and tools that we recommend for helping you launch and scale your digital healthcare startup, to focus resources on perfecting your company’s unique solution.

Credentialing and provider network management

Healthcare providers need licensing to provide care, but the exact paperwork can vary across specialties and states. Staying on top of these strict requirements can get complicated, which is why it’s often helpful to use a healthcare data API for credentialing and managing your network of providers.

We recommend: CertifyOS

CertifyOS works with all 50 state licensing boards, and is a one-stop shop for provider licensing, credentialing, and network management. Through their secure platform, you can automate your credentialing process, host committee meetings, contract new payers, and so much more.

Medical billing and revenue management

Revenue cycle management is critical for direct to consumer healthcare businesses that accept insurance, and is one of the biggest pain points for healthcare organizations. Leveraging third party billing tools makes it easier to create and submit claims, follow up on denials, understand patient eligibility, reduce errors, and optimize the revenue cycle process.

We recommend: Candid Health

Candid Health makes the insurance billing process easier with automation, leveraging AI to stay up to date on ever-changing insurance rules. Their API sends, follows up, and appeals claims constantly – meaning that you receive payments for claims faster and experience fewer errors.

EHR interoperability

Legacy EHR platforms were not designed to facilitate seamless data transfer, and this can be a major source of frustration in the healthcare industry. Fortunately, interoperability companies are making it easier than ever to help data flow across software platforms.

We recommend: Redox

Redox has become the industry go-to for EHR interoperability. This software tool makes accessing patient data simple – no matter which EHR the data comes from.


Today, client communication spans emails, SMS, telehealth sessions, and in-app engagement. Leveraging communication APIs to build custom workflows that optimize your client engagement can create an experience that keeps clients engaged with your digital healthcare startup for long periods of time – leading to better client outcomes overall.

We recommend: Twilio

Twilio makes it easy to communicate with clients through their preferred channel, whether that’s email (through their SendGrid system), SMS, video call or over the phone. K1 Solutions integrates with Twilio so you can enjoy the benefits of combined functionality. Specifically, you can use your Twilio number to send SMS reminders and notifications tied to the K1 Solutions appointment system.


When it comes to digital healthcare startups, security compliance is critical. HIPAA and SOC-2 are industry standard, on top of other regional requirements (e.g., PIPEDA and GDPR) depending on where care is being provided. Thankfully, security management dashboards make it easier than ever to ensure that your technology, and team, are following industry requirements.

We recommend: Vanta

Vanta has helped more than 1,500 companies automate and manage key security requirements, specializing in HIPAA and SO-C2. Their onboarding team will guide you through linking tools and infrastructure in your tech stack and creating checklists that will make sure you’re ensuring ongoing compliance. Moreover, they make it easy to run through regular security audits, as per your contract requirements, alongside their team of trained professionals.


Having access to advanced insights about your user data is vital for optimizing your operations and making decisions about your company’s future. By leveraging a powerful analytics API, you can assess trends, user behavior, and so much more.

We recommend: MixPanel

MixPanel segments and visualizes your data, so you can find trends, measure your product’s success, understand your users’ behavior, and use this information to make more informed business decisions. K1 Solutions integration with MixPanel shows you insights about how your clients are interacting with K1 Solutions core features, making it one of the best healthcare APIs.

Customer support

It’s no secret that providing great customer support makes a huge difference to your business’s success. Using an API to help you provide instantaneous and high quality support is a great way to ensure you’re retaining your clients and growing your revenue.

We recommend: Kustomer

With Kustomer, you can leverage multiple communication channels, omnichannel call routing, machine learning to match clients with the best agent for them, and more. And if you choose to integrate Kustomer with K1 Solutions, clients can access support via the Kustomer widget in the bottom right corner of the K1 Solutions web app.

Customer relationship management

Staying on top of your clients and their unique needs can be challenging for a direct to consumer healthcare practice. A CRM allows you to build customer profiles, as well as sort, segment, and manage client data. This tool can help you interact with your clients (and potential clients) in the most effective way possible. With K1 Solutions, you can always check in with your clients through convenient client messaging or by setting up food, lifestyle, or activity journaling.

We recommend: Salesforce

The Salesforce API means that you can seamlessly keep track of and analyze the interactions that you have with your clients. Understanding your client communications is fundamental for improving your marketing strategy and growing your business.

Wearable devices

Wearable devices and fitness trackers are integral to the future of wellness. Depending on your line of care, there are a number of ways that you can access health data in real-time and improve client outcomes.

We recommend: FitBit

Fitbit provides a Web API for accessing data from Fitbit activity trackers, Aria scale, and manually entered logs. Anyone can develop an application to access and modify a Fitbit user’s data on their behalf, so long as it complies with Fitbit Platform Terms of Service.

About K1 Solutions API for EHR & Coaching

A comprehensive practice management API includes all the core functionality a digital healthcare startup platform might require. K1 Solutions API includes scheduling systems, EHR, coaching, integrations with wearables and devices, practice management, billing and insurance capabilities, telehealth, and more. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a multi-provider group or organization, our flexible membership plans adapt to meet your business needs.

Tailored to the unique needs of direct to consumer healthcare technology companies, K1 Solutions makes it easy to leverage all the key functionalities your startup may need – all while maintaining complete HIPAA and SOC-2 compliance.

Questions? Contact us to see if K1 Solutions API is a good fit for your digital healthcare startup.