What to Look For in EHR Software for Functional Medicine

Discover the best functional medicine EHR software. Learn exactly what features you should be looking for for your telehealth practice.

Recently, functional medicine has started playing a significant role in modern medicine. More people want to partner with their healthcare providers to find the root cause of their illness instead of merely treating the symptom.

This leads to patients partnering with a wide array of healthcare professionals who manage their well-being. Functional medicine telehealth allows this aspect to grow as it makes accessing these providers easier than ever. Many providers are able to see patients exclusively via video, messaging, and app management. This is why having a great functional medicine EHR system in place is essential.

What to Look for in Functional Medicine EHR Software

Functional medicine software is the basis for any good functional medicine business. It enables businesses to efficiently run the front and back-end of their operations and connect with their patients. An excellent functional medicine EHR system will automate tasks and provide tools to help them focus on their patients instead of worrying about administrative tasks.

However, there are a few specific things to look for when deciding on the best EHR for functional medicine businesses. A system that will help save time, increase revenue and improve patient results is the gold standard– but how does that happen?

Built-in Functional Medicine Telehealth

Built-in functional medicine telehealth is a component that is a must-have for any software. It allows for one-to-one counseling with clinicians, dieticians, and coaches via an integrated, high-quality video chat. This ensures that no other app is needed.

Patient Engagement and Mobile App

Patient engagement is one of the biggest reasons why a functional medicine telehealth is successful. Telehealth isn’t just about Zoom conferences, but also communicating regularly through a system of devices and apps that track crucial health data.

Integrations do a great job of keeping patients engaged. When patients can track food, workouts and health data within the telehealth platform, they’re likely to return to it and use it more. They can also receive custom notifications and goal-setting milestones when they’re engaged.

A secure messaging system should also be available for patient/provider communication. It also allows for easy creation, tracking and appointment reminders.

Automate Online Engagement with Patients

When choosing a functional medicine software, there are a few more things to consider, such as automating online engagement with patients. These processes range from emails, pre-recorded videos, surveys, and personalized assessments. It also allows for the easy exchange of treatment plans and care protocols, creating an overall smoother experience.

Scale your Care Team

Many functional medicine businesses want to scale their teams. And it’s easy with the best EHR for functional medicine in place. Scheduling and billing become a breeze. Staff can easily share documents, intake forms, and charting templates. The team is running efficiently and can grow as a result.

Functional Medicine & Telehealth

‍Functional medicine has become a significant user of telehealth platforms. That may be primarily due to three things: getting care from a team of providers under one “roof,” the nature of functional medicine to treat the “root cause” instead of the symptoms, and the ease of telehealth.


Functional medicine utilizes a wide variety of tools to monitor and measure a patient’s health. This is done in the patient’s home, with the data being sent to labs, apps and software via integrated health tracking devices.


And of course, there are video conferences for health visits and check-ins via messaging. These methods are changing how patients look at healthcare, and you can expect more patients to become functional medicine telehealth fans soon.

How to Choose the Best EHR System

When choosing the best EHR for functional medicine, there are more practical things to consider than what the software can do. These make your buying decision easier as they directly relate to a provider’s specific needs.

Cost- The price of a functional medicine EHR system varies. Are you getting the exact features, admin systems and capabilities that you need?

Ease- Is it intuitive? Are there training videos?

Cloud-Based- Does the EHR vendor offer cloud-based hosting? Is it at an additional cost, or is it included?

Integration- The more integrations for the functional medicine software, the better. Especially if they directly relate to your patient’s needs.

Customer Service- Having customer support you can turn to that is reliable, helpful, and friendly always makes the process go more smoothly.

Finding the best EHR for functional medicine takes some work, but considering all these points can make the process much easier. Here at Healthie, we make it easier for functional medicine practices to make the switch to a telehealth platform that’s smooth, tested, and effective. This way, practices can serve their patients better, grow their teams and feel confident that working with them is pleasant and helpful.