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solutions for your practice.

Kleer Marketing uses HIPAA compliant solutions to securely exchange information between your practice and patients.

How We Provide Value With The Kleer 5 Step Process

Allow patients to find your practice via user friendly website. 

Provide access to your practice intake form and scheduler.

Reduce no-shows with appointment text reminders and confirmations.

Help patients’ become an advocate for your practice through online reviews.

Utilize patient satisfaction surveys and improve quality of care.


What People Say

Quality Care Requires Quality Communication.

Stay in touch with patients.

With our easy to access communication tools, patient conversation doesn't have to wait.

Make visits easy.

Hassle free appointments with paperwork and billing easily accessible online through your website.

Receive direct feedback.

Automate your feedback loop by using surveys after each visit to know how your patients really feel.

Allow us to redesign your client acquisition process.

We make it happen.

Our major services include development of a user-friendly website featuring a HIPAA compliant intake form, payment processing for healthcare clinics, and online scheduling systems.

How we do it?

A well designed website specified to your niche which follows your branding guidelines along with features like paperless intake forms, scheduling and payment processing all of which contribute to improved revenue for your practice group. 

We bill monthly or annually depending on your preference and include integration costs as part of our subscription.

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We provide an all inclusive plan similar to an all inclusive cruise (which we're quite certain your family misses). Everything is included, everything on board that is.